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Thank you for visiting my campaign web site.  Several weeks ago I announced my intention to run for a second term on the Charlottesville City Council.  During that announcement I said I would be running a 'People's Campaign'.  It will not be a big money campaign that focuses on how much I can raise and spend but rather how many citizens I can convince that there is value to our city to work for a 'balance' in our municipal life.  During the last campaign I was distressed that the cost for running a campaign, not just for the most basic representative position, City Council, but for a Constitutional office as well, was spiraling out of control with the average cost per vote approaching $50 or more.  I don't think the office should be for sale.  My goal is to run a successful campaign for far less than that and to make up the difference by reminding supporters that bringing a vote to my campaign from a friend or neighbor is equivalent to making a $50 contribution.  That's how I've run my business for the last 45 years, minimize expenses and maximize personal service and I'm still standing.

You will often hear people running for office say 'my door is always open'.  Well, my door will be closed because I don't wait for you to come to me.  I am constantly out in the community, attending your neighborhood meetings, your special events, your businesses, even your church to stay on top of what is happening in the community.  I show up!

  I will be updating this web site throughout my campaign.  Comments can be directed to bfenwick@mindspring.com.

  My background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. with graduate and undergraduate study in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from the George Washington School of Engineering, also in Washington, D.C.  I served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for almost 7 years with a tour of duty as the commander of a combat engineer company in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam and the Brigade Engineer of the 2d Infantry Brigade, 4th Infantry Division.  I have been a small business owner for over 45 years as a construction contractor and have lived in this community for over 40 years, enough time to remember the drive-in theater where the Kroger now sits across from K-Mart and the fighter jet that was parked in McIntire Park next to the softball fields.  I've raised my family in Charlottesville with both sons attending public school from Burnley Moran through Charlottesville High School with both of them having served in Afghanistan.

    Besides my 'paying job' as a construction contractor I have worked in the community as a volunteer in the arts, as a television producer in a PBS home improvement series, as a writer, poet, actor and videographer.  I have published an on line children's short story, www.McIntireTheFox.com.  During a past Christmas I produced a short film promoting one of the many stories happening on the downtown mall with a mix of several local actors.

    I started a community web magazine, www.CvilleCitizen.com, which chronicles the stories that occur in our community every day as well as a home improvement video website, www.HomeWorkWithBobFenwick.com.  I served as Vice President of a breast cancer research foundation, Austro Health and Environmental Research, a 501c3, www.AustroCancerResearch.org.  I also feel that some of our citizens are 'hidden' but shouldn't be forgotten.  I have worked with a volunteer peer support group of ex felons, Believers and Achievers.  My feeling is once a man or woman is released from jail or prison it is in everyone's best interests to work towards supporting him or her in making him or her a productive member of our city.  This makes sense for the ex felon, for his or her children (if we lose the parent we lose the child) for our neighborhoods and from an economic standpoint as well with the annual cost of incarceration being upwards of $150,000 annually for a juvenile offender and $60,000 for an adult.  Many counties fight for prisons to be located in their area.  I would rather fight to have the lowest rate of recidivism in Virginia and I have initiated policies to spend our public money on diversion and mentoring programs to keep young men and women out of jail and prison.
    I've seen the city grow from a small town next to a university with a party reputation to an energetic city next to The University and our citizens have an expectation of being involved in their local government and a recognition that the civic health of a community is reflected in its citizen participation - all of its citizens.

    I believe the city management is best served by a balanced representation of the interests of its citizens.   We are all stakeholders.  Many people ask me what I think about this issue or that issue and I understand this as a candidate seeking a representative position because I've seen a lot and I've done a lot over the years.  But I've also learned that listening and inclusiveness is critical in sound decision making so I’m always asking ‘what do YOU think of this or that.’  The five councilors come from different backgrounds and life experiences and the task of a five person council is to work towards a consensus that will serve the citizens and the community now and into the future.  We inherited a beautiful city but being a charming, welcoming city is not a 'default' position.  It takes work and patience on our part and responsible, balanced representation will insure this continues.  With my experience in recognizing a goal and working towards it I will bring a broader perspective and a clear voice on issues that we have all recognized and struggled to manage and address for years, affordable housing, community diversity, development and preservation of our historic infrastructure, infrastructure maintenance, environmental stewardship, school funding just to name a few.  We're familiar with the issues and I think it's time for some 'out of the box' discussion on the solutions.  With all the community assets we have available, university staff and students, retired senior citizens expert in every imaginable walk of life, small business owners, we are in a good position to manage these issues …. we just have to focus our efforts.  Difficult decisions are nothing new to me.
    My vision for the city is exactly what is written on a plaque outside City Council chambers: economic sustainability, lifelong learning, quality housing opportunities, arts and culture, a green city, a healthy city, a connected community of mutual self respect and citizen focused government.  I couldn't say it any better but the trick is to make the words relevant to our daily life (how does a Green City lose 12% of its tree cover in 3 years?) and I promise to continue my efforts to realize these goals.

  There have been a number of very important issues raised over the last 3+ years and I look forward to seeing many of you F2F so you can ask questions, suggest solutions or even offer criticisms.  Of course it takes money to run a campaign and you will see I squeeze more bang for the buck than any competitor.  If you would like to join in my efforts to energize our city please consider a political contribution payable to Bob Fenwick For City Council.

Bob Fenwick